Another Nail In The Coffin Of Alien Theory


The headline in the link above captured me immediately because the answer came as quickly as I read it:

Biodegradable Biomedical Implants – ET-Style Technology Here on Earth?

I only bring this to everyone’s attention because the answer to the headline is no, for to say yes would be to revise history. The alleged implants removed from people were not biodegradable. Many of the experiencers claimed that they received these implants in childhood. Whitley Strieber himself still has something in his ear that has been there since the 80’s.

This is important because, to my mind, it’s another nail in the coffin of advanced aliens with whom we are catching up, and further evidence that whatever this phenomenon is, it stays just ahead of our present but lags far behind our future. It perhaps emulates where we imagine our technology is going at the rudimentary stage of our being…

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Ready Or Not, This Is Reality


Exif_JPEG_422 In 2004 I had the experience of being-and-witnessing formless consciousness exploding into all forms. Dr. Andrei Linde recently had the experience of seeing hard evidence for his theory of inflation (the “bang” of Big Bang Theory). Jeff Ritzmann had the experience of a shrouded man who claimed to be from a particle in our world asking him rhetorically of the universe, “You think this is real?”

Can these three points of view point to the same reality?

Yes. They can and they do.

Picture it.

A child wakes up from a nap and immediately begins imaging a universe to play in. The child imagines worlds upon worlds and people, animals, insects–everything–to interact in and as. The child projects and is the bad guy to play good guy off of. All of these characters and settings are the child imagining and immersing. They are the child.

Picture it.

The child…

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Psychics, Sharks And Listening To Your Heart

Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness

We always think of communication in terms of The Brain.
We think of something to say and verbally put it into words, linear sentences, hoping to be understood in what we are trying to express.
Sometimes this communication can be very unsatisfactory when we are trying to explain something out of the norm such as a ‘Paranormal’ experience.
But maybe there’s a level of communication that happens all the time but which we are unaware?Maybe there’s a communication that comes from the heart?
Heart Math have been doing experiments in this field and have found that other people’s brains can pick up the electromagnetic field waves our hearts send out:
If that is the case then maybe there’s a level of communication we have between each other that we can’t comprehend because we aren’t even aware of it in the mainstream?
Humans (and sharks) have an ancestor that possessed a…

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