Jeff Ritzmann

has been actively involved in UFO research for over 20 years. His involvement is a personal one; numerous odd events in his life from age 5 on prompted him to explore the paranormal and UFOs. In an effort to learn more, he has applied his work as a digital imaging professional to intriguing UFO photos and video and has become a recognized image analyst in the UFO field. He was the primary image analyst in the O’Hare UFO case, and is cited in the NARCAP report of the event for his work. Jeff has also worked on landing trace cases, and “experiencer” support investigations.

In the early days of the internet, he was the official chat host on AOL for Sightings and he founded the first internet-based experiencer support group (AES) through AOL’s “Parascope,” where he was the UFO-related chat host after Sightings closed it’s operations on the service.

Working with, the largest alternative topics message board community, Jeff has examined multiple UFO cases as their image analyst. His experiences with the UFO phenomena continue to present day. He now hosts Paranormal Waypoint, a weekly live internet radio program.

Jeremy Vaeni

is the author of Urgency.I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!, and the forthcoming novel, Into The End (due out in July). He is also a columnist for UFO Magazine and was the director of Culture of Contact, a Manhattan-based experiencer arts and advocacy group that produced festivals in 2007 & 2008 and launched Whitley Strieber’s novel 2012: The War For Souls. In film, Vaeni is best known for his feature, No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story and his Wholphin DVD short, David Huggins: Experienced.

Having hosted more podcasts than anyone on the planet (8 by last count), he is excited to be tackling the new internet TV format. He runs two blogs besides this one: JayVay and The Center For Bad Ideas.

4 responses to “Bios

  1. How can I submit an article for your next publication of Paratopia Magazine?

  2. Roy Stemman ⋅

    Is there a digital archive of Paratopia Magazine that I can consult? Am particularly interested in the issue (in 2011 I believe) in which Carol Vainer questioned aspects of Budd Hopkins’ story. Thanks.

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