Take The Anonymous ‘Communion’ Book Cover Poll


Please, take the quick one-question poll below the book cover about your reaction the firsttime you saw the book cover to Whitley Strieber’s Communion. The results will be integrated into a book I’m writing. Also, kindly forward this to anyone you think would be interested.


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All of My eBooks Just $2.99 Each!


I Know Why Book CoverUrgency Book CoverInto The End (front cover)

In a bid to make enough money to fly back home for my cousin’s wedding this August, I have lowered all of my ebook prices to the incredible impulse-buy rate of $2.99 each! Kindle… Nook… whatever your ereader of choice is, you can own all of my work for next to nothing. So, please do! (Sort of. I just realized that I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! isn’t available on the Nook yet.)

Consider it a donation to a fundraiser for a plane ticket with the added benefit that you get to own a really great, critically-acclaimed collection of words that came from my head and spilled out of my fingertips for your entertainment and, perhaps, education.

Here are the links to the U.S. pages:



More about these special books….

I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land!

The book that started it all. This is an…

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On Cults and Culture


As I finish reading Going Clear, by Wright Lawrence, an absolutely fascinating glimpse at the world of Scientology, I am struck by our need as a society, as a culture, to figure out whether Scientology is a cult or religion. We don’t like cults; we call them taboo. Ostensibly, we do this because we associate cults with brainwashing or some sort of mental and/or physical torture––coercive techniques to get one to believe in a person or an idea that one would presumably find nonsensical if not for having been tortured into thinking otherwise. That’s a fantastic reason not to endorse cults. However, we live in a culture.  Isn’t that an interesting word? It’s got the word cult built right into it.

So ask myself, ‘Self?’ I ask me. ‘What is the difference between a cult and a culture?’ If you look up the definition of culture you find that yes, yes…

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