Paratopia Presents: Talk Story


Welcome To Paratopia Presents: Talk Story!


Combining the best elements of the Paratopia podcast and Paratopia Live, Talk Story brings you an innovative way of exploring issues related to marginalized elements of the human experience that may hold keys to understanding who, what, and where we are. Hosted by Jeremy Vaeni, Talk Story features guest speakers and a revolving panel of co-hosts, which includes viewers like you, This is a democratized show that stays fresh by providing new perspectives from around the world, including questions and feedback from our live show chat room.

We forgo the standard interview format encompassing a wide array of topics for one that concisely focuses on a single issue per episode. Each episode builds on the last by exploring an interesting thread from it. In this way, we tell a story of our own.

2 responses to “Paratopia Presents: Talk Story

  1. jv

    The sin of rejoicing in another’s misfortune.

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