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This is it, folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The full Paratopia experience is here. You get it all: Paratopia Podcast Paratopia Live Paratopia Specials Long Lost Paratopia Live Episode 3 from the pre-Blog Talk Radio days Paratopia Magazine Never-before-heard Paratopia Outtakes The Very Best of Culture of Contact (with new intros and outros) And Many Other Archive Exlusives & Surprises!All of it available to stream/view online or download for just $30!


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In this outstanding audio-only episode, Jeff & Jer talk to artist/filmmaker Philippe Mora and author/paranormal researcher Nick Redfern about digging into the National Archives for documents concerning UFOs and alleged aliens, monsters, ancient artifacts and architecture, and World War II. We’ll discuss what they’ve found of historical significance and if they believe everything they found was authentic or, perhaps, disinformation.

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