Project Core


The highly-anticipated careful study of witness testimony to the full spectrum of paranormal phenomena. The data is in and being scrutinized by the Project Core team, which is comprised of Jeff Ritzmann Jeremy Vaeni, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Dr. Kimball Cooper, and Juliane Daggett.) Results will be released and broadcast as widely as possible for free as soon as we have completed our reports.

2 responses to “Project Core

  1. Please be sure to include your methodology in selection of subjects to be included. That is the biggest problem for me in Eddie Bullard’s ’87 work on abductees: how did he get those subjects? how did he get the information that tells him there is no investigator influence on the reports or type of experience the individual reports? Did he take the ones hand-picked by Hopkins, Jacobs, Mack? Those are the sorts of things I’d like to know about your very necessary study. Thanks for doing this! Carol Rainey

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