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Paratopia Podcast

Everything Ends 6-15-12

Hosted by Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni, Paratopia was a groundbreaking weekly podcast that seamlessly wove paranormal, ufological, andhuman consciousness affairs into a tapestry that was one part comedy, two parts serious and at all times credible to the audience. Toward the end of the run, the show picked up a third host, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, who added an authentic Lakota perspective to the mix.

Paratopia Live

A live weekly spinoff of the podcast that dove deeper into questions raised on the latest episode of the podcast. Paratopia Live boasted a healthy chat room and calls from listeners. It was hosted by Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, and quite often Lee Townsend.

Paratopia Magazine

With only one issue to its name, this quickly became the most influential magazine for “alien abduction” research in recent memory. Click here: Paratopia mag_vol1_1-15-11 to read a PDF of the two-article preview that started a revolution (and a backlash) in how we approach high strangeness and the researchers who inappropriately use hypnosis as a tool for memory retrieval.

Paratopia Archive

Currently, you can order the full archive of all things Paratopia to stream/view online or download for just $30!

Meanwhile, on with the new….

Paratopia Presents: Talk Story

Launching Soon – A unique live internet TV talk show that is an amalgamation of the best parts of all of our Paratopia endeavors. You will be able to watch it and interact with the hosts and guests  right here for free!

7 responses to “About Paratopia

  1. Rob ⋅

    Jeremy should be locked in his room until the USB stick is ready to go.

  2. prefertobeanon2 ⋅

    Been trying to get the Emma Woods podcasts –but have given up. Wish you had maintained an archive. iTunes doesn’t work and the other link just takes me to a place that wants to sell me hosting. That was some great work and its a shame it isn’t available anymore and just faded away.
    This site seems a bit too slick and not really user friendly… I just want the content. Oh well.

    • jayvay

      Sorry. I couldn’t afford to maintain the archive anymore. Podcasts don’t sit in iTunes (or anywhere that I know of) for free.

      We’ll be selling the archive on a USB stick whenever I can afford to send the prototype to Jeff. (I’ve been putting this off for seemingly forever.)

      Emma is revamping her website. Her episodes will live on there for free regardless of what we do.

  3. M King ⋅

    Why not post them on YouTube?

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