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The Paratopia Archive Hath Arrived!

173 Episodes… 3 Epilogues… 1 Brand New Feature-Length Introduction… Hours Upon Hours Upon HOURS of Supplemental and Bonus Audio/Visual Material… Can Only Mean One Thing: The Most Influential Paranormal Podcast In History Is Now The Most Comprehensive Podcasting Archive Available.

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This is it, folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The full Paratopia experience is here. You get it all: Paratopia Podcast Paratopia Live Paratopia Specials Long Lost Paratopia Live Episode 3 from the pre-Blog Talk Radio days Paratopia Magazine Never-before-heard Paratopia Outtakes The Very Best of Culture of Contact (with new intros and outros) And Many Other Archive Exlusives & Surprises!All of it available to stream/view online or download for just $30!


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6 responses to “The Paratopia Archive Hath Arrived!

  1. Robert ⋅

    bring back the show . . . pleaaaaaaaseee! no seriously, bring back the show, we miss you guys.

  2. Youfoe ⋅

    Bless me Paratopia for I have sinned…
    …Since your podcast’s demise I have resorted to furtive bouts of Coast to Coast. I have also indulged in wanton acts of Earthfiles with Linda Mouldy-Cowe and have, on occasion, tuned in to Whitley Streiber’s “astonishing” prophecy shows. There’s more.
    Intrigued to see the Jeff on KGRA, I paid and joined up but, having sucked the Jeff’s content dry within one week, I scanned the rest of KGRA and resorted to secret sessions of new, “improved” Dolan. And then, last week, I hit rock bottom. I …I decided to do a little Payola Harris podcast. “No biggie” I told myself. “Just ten minutes to start with. I could probably handle twenty”. What a fool I was. I stayed up late one evening, hunched sweatily over the laptop, almost convinced by Payola’s vibrational portal musings, when my wife burst in. ” God, no!” she screamed (she had heard everything and she ran over and unplugged the machine). I tried to cover my tracks with a lighthearted, “I was just watching porn, dear. The really nasty stuff,” but she recognises logical fallacies when she hears them and can’t abide sloppy research. I broke down and wept.
    “Jeff and Jer might re-group,” she cooed consolingly. “Ufology might not be lost, dear.”
    “But when will they re-group?!” I demanded to know. “When? When?”
    My wife couldn’t answer me….
    …until earlier this week when she sent me the link to buy the Paratopia archive!!
    And so, if you can forgive the transgressions of a sinner who lost himself in the ufolgical wilderness, if you can grant me some sort of absolution, then I promise, by all that is Vallee, I will fill my listening- leisure hours with old Paratopia only. Thank you.
    Do you perform exorcisms? My friend, another saucerhead, also suffered Paratopia withdrawal sessions and started mainlining The Paracast. He’s now got the living essence of Gene Steinberg living inside him and it’s not pretty.

    • jayvay

      I never know what to say to listeners who write long, witty posts because you put way more time into this than my “thanks!” can cover. But… THANKS!

      Very well-done. Your wife should be proud. If not… can I get her number? She available?

      • Youfoe ⋅

        Ha! Sorry. Ufological reaserchers don’t come top of my wife’s “sexy” list. But seriously, thanks for all the insight you chaps have provided over the years. As a non-experiencer, but as someone who has a curious fascination with the subject, I remember a wonderful, brief shining moment back in…07, 08?, when you and Jeff and Mac Tonnies and Biedny – fresh, intelligent thinkers who were bringing such exciting new ideas to light – gave this listener hope that progress might actually be possible. Sadly, we know how that brains’ trust ended, but it was such an exciting time.
        Looking forward to getting the archive from you and being saved from today’s podcast lunacy.
        Oh, and if you ever find yourself in England, the faggots, crumpets and tea are on me. My wife, however, is off-limits.
        Good day, sir.

  3. Please Jeff and Jer, the worlds need you. We need you… Come back to Paratopia…. I have recently been thinking about all the episodes I listened to from 2010-2011, it has been very influential in shaping my worldview to these subjects. We deserve to have a serious diatribe of paranormal proportions. The worlds need you… No substitutes will do! Shout out to Tiokasin Ghosthorse!

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