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Sean Meers, Internet Censorship, and YOU


censor Ufology, you’ve got a problem. No, another problem. No, not that one either–it’s a problem called censorship . It’s a problem exacerbated and defined, really, not by one of your sacred cows or celebrated figures, but by a nobody in this field. One who has come out of nowhere and taken it upon himself to defend the honor of a woman whose alien abduction claims have been shown to be a silly concoction, the researcher who hung his career on her ludicrous story, and his best friend, an abduction researcher who offered to buy one of his female subjects a chastity belt with nails in the vaginal opening to prevent her from being raped by highly advanced alien/human hybrids–with the caveat that it might not work but it will enrage them.

Internet censorship is a problem that affects everyone, not just me or the people in this article or the…

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