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Ufology’s Dirtiest Secret


Ufology. The study of unknown flying objects and surrounding phenomena.

Ufology. We demand the truth from our government/military/corporate complex.

Ufology. If you don’t think there are aliens flying through our airspace then you’re asleep.

Ufology. We will drag science into this kicking and screaming if we have to.

Ufology. We are dedicated to this cause because we know this is real and the most important discovery in mankind’s history.

Ufology. If you study this stuff, you are one of the elite. Welcome out of the matrix.

Ufology. Those are all the talking points we believed in decades ago. Now it’s just a business and a way to forge a social life.

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s the big secret behind Area 51, the face on Mars, The X-Files, and Giorgio Tsoukalos’s hair. That’s the reason that, with so little opposition, the Disclosure Movement has been able to pioneer new ways of…

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