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Project Core – The Tone Of A Serious Study


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Project Core, the findings of a Paratopia-inspired survey of highly strange encounters across a wide range of possible experiences, is going public in early 2014. One recurring discussion the Project Core team had was about the tone of the paper. Oddly enough, the scientific faction wanted it to be loose and readable, personal—the typical Paratopia style. After all, that and the basic intelligence to ask some tough, deep questions about the unknown are what attracted them to us in the first place. But Jeff and I wanted the study to be stuffy and scientific—something the layperson might not read all the way through but would respect. After all, the air of legitimacy the title “Doctor” stirs is the only way guys like Jeff and me can get away with doing serious studies like this in the first place.

Is it possibly to hold legitimacy with the impersonal “just the facts”…

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