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2 responses to “Paratopia Presents: Talk Story Ep.3 – What Is Science? What Isn’t It?

  1. Enjoyable interview, thanks for posting.

    I think one of the big problems when discussing science and any “fringe” topics is the lack of distinction between science in the sense of the intellectual discipline itself, and science in the sense of the scientific establishment. The term science is often used to refer to each of these things interchangeably, sometimes within the same sentence. This causes much confusion because they are quite different from one another.

    Much in the same way that there is a great difference between religion as a set of tenets, and religion in the sense of an existing religious institution. One lives in the platonic world of the ideal, and the other exists in the real world.

    Because Christianity itself is recognized as moral, Christian authority figures are allowed great leeway to get away with very immoral things. Likewise, because science as a discipline is recognized as objective and unbiased, scientists themselves are allowed great leeway to be subjective and biased. It is like a social blind spot.

    So it seems unlikely that current scientific institutions will take an honest unbiased look at fringe subjects unless they’ve first acknowledged that one “science” and the other “science” don’t actually match.

    Thanks for indulging my soapbox, great show 🙂

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