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Mon. 25th @7pm (EST) – What is Science? What Isn’t It?

Paratopia LogoThis coming Monday, right here at, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn will once again grace the stage of Paratopia Presents: Talk Story. We will be tackling not just the boundaries of science but getting to the heart of what it actually is. Is it the best set of thought tools we have to discovery what is real about our world? Or is it merely another language into which we translate the world around us and therefore have been blowing its significance out of proportion? Are there some universal, repeatable discoveries we cannot make through scientific means?

Join us and discover for yourself!

If you would like to be an active participant in this discussion, drop us a line at paratopiapodcast@gmail com — but please make sure you have really good internet access, a camera, microphone, and headphones first,

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3 responses to “Mon. 25th @7pm (EST) – What is Science? What Isn’t It?

  1. The directions to join this multi-media fest aren’t too clear. I can’t find a way to join. I have internet, a camera (what? Skype or iChat?) and a mic. Let me know and I’d love to join

    • jayvay

      You join via Google Plus. It’s extremely convoluted complicated by the fact that I completely forgot to post the link here before we started rolling.

      Sorry Carol and everyone.

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