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In this outstanding audio-only episode, Jeff & Jer talk to artist/filmmaker Philippe Mora and author/paranormal researcher Nick Redfern about digging into the National Archives for documents concerning UFOs and alleged aliens, monsters, ancient artifacts and architecture, and World War II. We’ll discuss what they’ve found of historical significance and if they believe everything they found was authentic or, perhaps, disinformation.

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11 responses to “Paratopia Presents: Talk Story Ep. 2 w/Philippe Mora & Nick Redfern

  1. Fiona ⋅

    Is anyone else having problems streaming this video or is it just me?

  2. Fiona ⋅

    Could you please let me know the best way to donate for the reborn Partopia?

  3. Carpenter ⋅

    When documents are “blacked out” that is called a redaction. You would think these two archives experts would know that.

    • jayvay

      When did it come up that they didn’t know the word “redaction”? The context was me asking if they believe heavily redacted UFO documents could be disinformation. Whether we used the term “redacted” or “blacked out” is irrelevant. (Unless you’re talking about something else?)

      • Carpenter ⋅

        because people who know archival documents know the word “redaction” and don’t use the common phrase “blacked out”.

      • jayvay

        Yes, but I’m the non-expert who introduced the words “blacked out” and then hypnotized them into utilizing my verbiage. Blame me.

        Of course they’re not really experts. They’re people who have famously gone through various archives. I’d have to have an archivist on for that.

        But here’s a bigger point: Did you really listen to a 2-hour interview and your takeaway was, “They didn’t use the word ‘redaction.’ Tss. Worst. Interview. EVER.” – Come on, Comic Book, Guy, lighten up!

  4. Carpenter ⋅

    Famously? Nick Redfern is a hack. Most of his research is done on wikipedia.

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