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The Jeff And The Jer Reunite For Paratopia Presents Talk Story


para_radioDate: Monday, Sept. 23rd
Time: 9:00pm (EST)/6:00pm (PST) & the Paratopia youtube channel & live on Google Hangouts On-Air


Paratopia Presents: Talk Story is a new and unique television-style internet talk show that asks one question each episode and explores it to its end. And we kick it off with this question: Can pregnancy and childbirth be gateways to extraordinary activity commonly compartmentalized as paranormal, psi, spiritual, or alien?

Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni are joined by Deb Kauble, Karen Totten, Adam Currie, and Debbie-Anne Currie, who will talk about their very different experiences with this. Then we’ll ask Dr. Tyler Kokjohn what changes are taking place in the body that could be contributing factors, and to Joe Gooch about the personal anti-structural aspects and beyond. Perhaps another mystery guest will appear as well. Who knows? It’s a mystery and we do love a good mystery.


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