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‘Paratopia Presents: Talk Story’ To Premiere Monday 23rd!

Paratopia LogoParatopia Presents: Talk Story
World Premiere
Monday Sept. 23rd
9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST
You can watching it live right here, on the Paratopia Presents: Talk Story Youtube channel, and on Google+. Or if you’re feeling bold, come join us in the Google Hangout chat room.

I quite podcasting because I felt like there was nothing left for me to say and I’d been in that medium through 7 different shows. Also, the guest pool had thinned to where, really, there are to this day only a handful of names left I’d like to interview. But the technology has finally caught up with my ambitions to do an internet TV show that can include guests, co-hosts, and viewers alike. Really, the best of all Jeff Ritzmann and I did with Paratopia and Paratopia Live in one package. No more star host–just kind of a ringmaster who keeps the structure intact. No more guests on a pedestal–just people in a virtual room working out real issues. Democratized TV where the viewers are also the guests and the hosts. And down the line if viewers have an idea for an episode they’d like to commandeer, we can make that happen.

I can’t pass all of that up but I’m not sure I can do a weekly, either. So, for now, these will be once-a-month 90 minute specials. They will be free. And they will live on the youtube channel, which you will be able access right here.

Not only will the format be different than the aforementioned podcasts, but the way we approach doing a show will be unique in that we will hone in on one particular topic and stick with it, not veering off into other territory. Usually, I will start off talking with the guest and then open it up to questions from the panel and, finally, if we have time, we’ll discuss amongst ourselves what we just heard. However, some episodes–like the premiere–will be panel discussions from the word go.

And what will our first episode be about? What could have pulled me back in? Whelp, on Paratopia, we were fond of wondering aloud if the so-called ‘alien abduction’ experience took place in an altered state of consciousness. A while back a friend of mine told me about how paranormal/psi/spiritual shenanigans came into her life around the time she got pregnant. Another woman told me this recently. I’m thinking it doesn’t get more altered state of consciousness than having another human growing inside of you. So, how fitting is it that we birth this show into the world by taking a look at a subject I’ve never seen dealt with: pregnancy as a gateway to high strangeness.

We’ll talk to moms and dads about this–some of whom you’ll recognize and some you may not. And then we’ll talk to Dr. Tyler Kokjohn who can tell us what changes are taking place in the body that may or may not be contributing factors. Who knows?–perhaps we’ll make a discovery of our own.

Be sure to tune in. And tell a friend.

–The Jer

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6 responses to “‘Paratopia Presents: Talk Story’ To Premiere Monday 23rd!

  1. joeufo

    Looking forward to it Jer. All the best, Joe.

  2. shane ⋅

    Thank you Jer, looking forward to watching.

  3. This topic feels truly weird. Almost uncomfortable. But then, that could mean it’s approaching an area I don’t like to think about. So go ahead, Jer. Push us over the edge.

  4. Never being pregnant myself, I look forward to hearing how pregnancy and the paranormal are connected. I’ve always felt that women can become more attuned to alternate states after menopause. Perhaps it’s a hormonal thing.

  5. Andy Banham ⋅

    This got me thinking. As it is quite common for high strangeness to occur when the experiencers life is going through upheaval I pondered if any of the hormones released during stress are also common during pregnancy? They are. Cortisol is a hormone released during stress and pregnancy and in high doses can cause hallucinations. Norepinephrine is a hormone released during stress and is known to cause sleep paralysis and hallucinations. Sure it’s a stab in the dark, but it definitely ain’t aliens!

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