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Into The End, Paratopia, and The Good Parade


Into The End (front cover)

My new novel Into The End is now available! Five boys go searching for the mythical Puckwudgie in Hocomock Swamp. Only one comes back. And he doesn’t remember a thing. That is the jumping-off point for an epic mystery that is at turns poignant, comical, and horrifying.

You can order Into The End in paperback on Amazon right now! Simply follow the magic link: LINK O’ MAGIC. Or if you’re a Kindle fan, click here. (It will be available on theNook by mid-day Sept. 3rd.)

Puckwudgie. Hmm… that sounds familiar. Right, Paratopians? Yeah, there’s a lot of “Easter Egg” figures and concepts worked in from the podcast and from my own life. Every few chapters I introduce something new that could be the plot to its own book. You may often find yourself thinking,  ‘Wait–that’s not what this is about?’ Add in a few HOLY SHIT! moments for good…

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