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2 responses to “Wait, What Is Kundalini Again?

  1. kartott ⋅

    Oh so this is where everyone is hanging out.

    My comment is yes, language is inadequate and I find myself, as I get older, saying less and less about it. Language – an artifact of brain / culture – tends to break down the wholeness experience into little parts, thus seemingly defeating the point. Yet we are stuck with THIS brain, THIS language, to communicate about it (again, the implied separation in words like “it”). Perhaps by constantly picking up the little parts and turning them over and re-modeling the words we use to talk about it, we might start to get at the gestalt-like aspect of “this” experience. Maybe. Just an inkling… But I don’t know…

    • jayvay

      It’s where all the cool kids hang out.

      I’m going to ask Tiokasin if it’s possible to adopt a few key Lakota words to replace a few of the English words–if that could change the direction of our language. Because it seems to me an impossible task to ask everyone to learn Lakota. But words here and there are always being taken in, be it a foreign language or slang. So that seems doable in that sense.

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