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3 responses to “What Is Kundalini?

  1. joeufo

    I guess the problem I have with ‘Kundalini Awakening’ is that it seems so random. Someone could practice yoga for a lifetime and not experience it, or you could be working in a slaughterhouse and just have it hit you out of nowhere.
    Those searching, myself included, even though we know and understand the old ‘pathless path’ and ‘don’t search’ responses from those who have experienced this awakening, are just left wondering if we will ever experience it.
    We search and try different things because, well, why not?!
    It’s so random anyway you may as well do something that relaxes you, gives you calmness and also exercises you, because you may experience Kundalini Awakening or you may not!
    Why does it not happen to us all as a natural part of life?
    If it did, we would have a very different world than we do now.
    The problem then, is with the energy itself.
    Arise in us all rather than just randomly selecting people who then tell us we need do nothing! It’s incredibly frustrating.

  2. joeufo

    Now in video form! :

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