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8 responses to “Echoes In A Yawning Chasm

  1. Rob ⋅

    A couple weeks ago I had the overpowering urge to listen to Stephen King’s Dark Tower on audiobook. Which in itself was rather odd, I don’t listen to audiobooks, and at this time of year I’m too busy to read books also. I couldn’t shake it and before it was over I had an Audible account and I’m now halfway through the second book. Echoes in a Yawning Chasm bears a striking resemblance to the conversation The Gunslinger had with the Man in Black at the end of the first book. It’s all about size he said.

    • jayvay

      Someone else had mentioned that, too. Interesting. I’m also seeing the bit where Jeff asks if we’ll ever meet aliens from another planet and he says something like, “It’s possible. But don’t be surprised if it’s you” explained in Brian Greene’s theoretical physics book, ‘The Hidden Reality.’

      I didn’t really get what he meant by that at the time but I now think it’s pointing to the Quilted Multiverse Theory explained here:

  2. Rob ⋅

    It would make sense. Of all my years of experience there is only one thing I’m sure of. The high levels of strangeness occur here in large corridor we’ve been able to informally map out. 90% of my experiences have occurred in this same geographic area. And those same areas have wound up in a book along with a few websites, other people are experiencing it too. Is it because there are thin spots between this place and someplace else? It would explain the high level of craziness I’ve seen. Reminds me of the relatively short distance between Whitley’s NY experiences and Aliester Crowley’s Lam experience. Also reminds me of the story Jerry Wills told about going through the Aramu Muru doorway to find shadowy scientists who had created their own universe in an attempt to understand themselves.

  3. Rob ⋅

    It was an interview from years ago on Kevin Smith. Haven’t had any luck finding it, only dead links. Whether it’s true or not is a good question. Jerry has gotten wrapped up in the New Age for sure. But the idea of these stone doorways or portals keeps popping up.

    • jayvay

      That’s interesting. It’s also true that there are entrances to labyrinthine tunnels that run for miles deep underground. People have gotten lost in them, so the government sealed the entrances. Could that be what these doors are?

      • Rob ⋅

        Personally, I think we are looking at a combination of otherworldly doors (or thin spots) along with the likeliness of the underground also being possible. For whatever reason the whole connected multiverse idea has been a theme the last couple of weeks here via weird synchronicities bubbling up. Along with the man in black who at least in my experience tends to be a guide of sorts. Only the guide doesn’t care how the guidance is given. Fear, chaos, cruelty, or benevolence.

      • jayvay

        That’s interesting. I have more to say but I’ve decided to make it my next post.

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